There are a myriad of ways to volunteer:


Join us to complete the exciting community homes, built from sustainable, natural and reclaimed materials, using tools powered by the sun. Learn and engage in earth bag, straw bale, cobb, and other alternative building concepts.

**Starting as soon as the snow melts we will be completing our Pump House which is important for efficiently watering the garden from our well. The plan is to have a sheltered outdoor kitchen as part of this unique straw bale/cob construction, which will also offer indoor and outdoor shower and laundry amenities.

Myriad Village’s 1st Eco Nest will begin construction summer 2020 which will bring together straw bale, timber frames from within a 100 mile radius of the land, SIPS (structural insulated panels, and an earth berm. 

Earth Care

As an eco-village we are intently working to regenerate, nurture, and expand the landscape. Major focuses include wildflower seedling, tree planting, and biodynamic agriculture. Future goals are to have a seed saving system and an even more diverse ecosystem!

Join us in implementing the principles of permaculture design – from  regenerating the soil, re-wilding the land, and organizing relationships between humans, plants, and the earth for optimum success. 

Check out our Permaculture Workshops and Courses 

Other ways you can connect and support Myriad Village

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