We welcome people from around the world to join us in learning, teaching, practicing and developing knowledge and skills for self-sufficiency all around.

Earth Care

Certified Permaculture Designer on-site ; Seasonal integrated  workshops, facilitated discussion, and hands on experience *
At Myriad Earth Stewardship Program (MESP) people of many degrees of knowledge and experience are gathering to deepen there commitment to the world we love. Here we will challenge our assumptions, open our minds, embody our values, deepen our experience and further the work of earth stewardship that has been set out by previous generations.

Green/Natural Building

Over the years Myriad Villagers have learnt and applied numerous green/Natural building methods. 
  • Earthship (made from tires with rammed earth for biomass,  12 ft windows, and artful bottle bricks)
  • Hempcrete (from local hemp, built by Elm Natural Builders, made tiny, with wood burner and spacious loft space.
  • Timberframe/Strawbale (self harvested timbers, milled on site, flax bales produced by local farmers, earthbag berm wall, passive solar, reclaimed materials, integrated SIP construction. This 980sqft home imbodies appropriate technology and artistry only found at Myriad.

Bee Keeping

Black Hive Honey on-site has been growing an apiary and managing hives since 2015. Jaclyn's work helps to foster sustainable land regeneration.

She harvests honey in late-summer, and also hosts workshops on making beeswax wraps and candles.

Let us know if you would like to sign-up for these workshops*

Contact Jaclyn by email * blackhivehoney@outlook.com



Learn about:

- solar systems

- humanure

- rocket mass heaters

- Bio-Thermal heating