Prairie Permaculture Hemp Field

At Myriad Village, we are dedicated to sustainable systems of living and growing. Our farm incorporates permaculture design and biodynamic practices, and nurtures a deep connection to the local ecology and to the greater spiritual aspects of life.

We plan to integrate hemp plantations into the landscape to support biodiversity and ecological restoration, while providing numerous marketable crops. In 2021, we will nurture the soil-food web and prepare the earth. Once the soil is primed, we will integrate hemp into the landscape.

In the near future, we envision our hemp crop providing fuel and building materials to take pressure off of local ecosystems. As our expertise and capacities increase, these crops will mature to provide food and medicine as well.

Your support will help to revolutionize hemp production by developing poly-culture fields integrating hemp into a matrix of supportive native companion plants.

Imagine a world where food, medicine, fuel and fibre are cultivated in an integrated harmony with nature to meet the needs of a maturing humanity. We believe this is possible, Myriad Village is committed to making it a reality.

We are still working on developing a fundraising campaign online. The challenge is finding the right choice that can support our project unconditionally!

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