Our Team Members

Grace Eidse

I have a Master’s degree in Education and have developed and delivered training programs in Canada and in Africa. In 2005 I established a not for profit company that helps immigrants settle in Manitoba. My personal strengths are learning languages and facilitating communication between people and cultures, and I also love gardening.

My work has been very rewarding, but after spending 20 years at a desk job, I felt an urgency to leave the city. I wanted to get out on the land – live a more physical life. I want to reduce my dependency on fossil fuels, hydro-electric power and imported goods. I want to join those who are working to live more respectfully and harmoniously in nature. I want to plant trees, regenerate the soil, grow and preserve my own food, harness power from the sun and wind, and live more sustainably by using local resources.

I was drawn to Myriad Village because it provided me with a community that shares my vision. I want to help Myriad become a place where people from around the world come to learn, teach, practice and develop skills for self-sufficiency.

Check out the house icon under my photo to view the hempcrete tiny house I live in*

Brad O'Neill

I would like to share a few bits about me here and hope to share so much more with you in person. Others might think my journey long and hard, but I have seen it to be the exact thing that got me to HERE.  I have a great passion for building and fixing and working with natural building materials and methods. There are many trending words to describe what I simply call building for Beings and the Earth.  I love sharing my experience with those that wish to take it to the next level. You will often hear me asking others to come  “ be part of…”

The next generation is where I choose to invest. My hope is to be seen as a brother, a father, a grandfather, and a loving friend to all.  I believe in being discerned by my actions more than my words. I have endless faith in the young people of today and strive to share my never give up attitude with great passion!  Children are a blessing I enjoy beyond words; a blessing that is ever present in the smiles they bring me.  What more is possible? 

There is much work to be done and together we can be the change that we wish for in our lives and in the world.

Justin Lecocq

My partner Nickeeya and I offer a meaningful contribution to the environmental crisis. Myriad Village represents the next step for our family to build a sustainable future for humanity. Our goal is to function as a carbon negative family while developing models and opportunities for others to do the same. While reducing our cost of living, we can create space in our life to continue our meaningful contributions to this beautiful planet.

For 10 years I worked for a non-for profit wildlife advocacy group, I was able to play a role in numerous effective campaigns to preserve the integrity of our natural environment. For 8 years I have studied green and natural building methods applicable to Manitoba’s climate. Including 1 year working as a timber framer. I have gone on to work in partnership with “Beyond Creative Design” as a general contractor and designer. I have spent a better part of these 8 years designing our own house. Our “Eco-Nest” is a 980 sq ft, passive solar, straw-bale, timber-frame house. I  am also a certified permaculture designer.

Above all I value Honesty, Love, Humility, Nature, & Change. I live in awe of the cosmos and honour life in all forms; From the Bacteria and Fungi that live inside of me to the brilliant universe that encompasses my true form. I have committed this life to embody harmony within the earth.

Holly Alexandra

I am grateful for all the roots before me, present connections, and all the new projects for the greater good. Myriad Village is a key component in this vision of a healthy future, and I am eternally grateful to have been invited to learn more about it soon after it began. I aspire to meld my work/life together holistically by supporting and advocating for peace-building, alliances with key players in community development, and maintaining passion and current knowledge of environmental healing techniques. I feel that life can become purely a miracle and full of love from the state of being in harmony with nature.

“No one is to blame. But we are all responsible.” (to heal…)

As a graduate from the Community Economic Development Program, I am equipt with resources and experience to share with Myriad. I have initiated a community exchange hub in Winnipeg’s Exchange District called Yewtopia, which can become a long-term link to the city by marketing member’s products and services.

My short-term goal is to build a 3-season cabin made with reclaimed local materials, and a few trailer loads of pallets* I also have been focused on creating berry patches and also studying what naturally grows when the wild seeds ‘fall from the sky’ (from the many birds). Long-term I would love to contribute a retreat for cleansing and fasting, as well as group retreats for city folk who may be lacking vitamin-nature*

Keeya with kids

Nickeeya Malenfant

I grew up in rural Manitoba, on the edge of town by the river. I remember the silence of laying in the grass, or snow, bringing me to a place of total relaxation and security. I’ve lived in the city for 12 years now, yearning for that country silence and feelings of security once again. Being part of Myriad Village provides my family with these fundamental values of community, sustainable living and the possibility of food security. I love my family, friends… and  food! I’m passionate about growing healthy organic foods, having clean water and air, being in contact with the earth and being part of the entire process of nourishing and sustaining these bodies. All the while, not doing it alone but as part of a community! 

I truly enjoy traditional methods of cooking and sharing the bounty with good company. Before having my two beautiful children, I spent my early adult life working in the health food industry and studied horticulture and farming on small farms. I’m a mother, partner, artist,  dancer, hostess, cook, Reiki master and a palmist! I’m an open person who values family and friends above all else, for I truly believe we are here to make meaningful connections and heal, ourselves and our home, planet earth.

Brandon Stuebing

Being outside with his brother was his greatest joy growing up. They spent time in rural southern Ontario and Oakbank, Manitoba, catching and caring for creatures like salamanders and crayfish. Being inspired by the adventurous Steve Erwin and the Discovery Channel, there was no hesitation in school when deciding to study biology and marine ecosystems. Brandon gathered work experience in wetland restoration while doing research in University. He gained further inspiration and knowledge about conservation in Canada when he worked for legendary Jack Minor – the first person to band water fowl and track migratory patterns – at the bird sanctuary establish by Minor. 

Brandon’s helped create policy for wetlands in new suburb developments while working for Native Plant Solutions (Ducks Unlimited). A water survey job gave him the opportunity to complete advanced learning with chainsaws and swift water rescue, and fostered his commitment to harvesting natural meat and avoiding commercial animal agriculture, which negatively impacts nature and the health of native species. 

Myriad Village is a place for him to use his experience with conservation and restoration. It is also a free place to practice his passions which include yoga, physical healing, free climbing, gymnastics, mobility training, archery, and hunting/trapping. He is a happy and humble helper for building projects; Naturally intuitive when out on the land and within group dynamics; a rainbow warrior and welcomed peace-keeper.


Kathryn Funk

Hello! I am a mama to two incredible children, Kayden and Hazel. As a family, we value creating a home deeply connected to land and community, in harmony and reciprocity to the earth. 

We home-school/un-school but like to call it Life Learning. 

Myriad Village has become the place we see this vision as possible.

My background is in holistic home birth and postpartum care, herbal medicine and women’s health. In 2015 I launched Earth Alchemy Herbals, and now mainly focus on growing and wildcrafting local medicinal herbs and weeds. From these often overlooked plants, I create deep relationships, sustainable herbal tinctures, first aid care and facial care. 

I am excited to transplant, propagate, and spread the love from my garden in the city to the land of Myriad Village. Creating more abundance and love for the nature.

Jaclyn Marquis

A mama to two teenagers, devoted naturalist Jaclyn walks in the tradition of her grandmother who was amongst many things, homesteader & seamstress.

Jaclyn is the owner/operator of Black Hive Honey, established in 2015 as a one-woman venture. A sequel to the first venture, Arbutus clothing (2008-2015) which produced upcycled anti-fashion wear. Black Hive Honey evolved when Jaclyn began studying bees, acquiring land-share as one of the founding members of Myriad Village.

She designs and produces sturdy, hand-dyed, hand-stitched leather goods – bags/belts/harnesses, metal and stone jewelry – and all things bees : honey, wax candles, natural food wraps, soaps and body creams made with all natural ingredients foraged and gathered by hand on the prairies & boreal forests of Manitoba. 

Jac with River


Francesca Cesari

I have certificates as a Birth Doula, Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner, and Reiki practitioner. Currently studying hairstyling as a trade, and simultaneously enrolled as an apprentice at Hollow Reed School of Healing Arts. I intend to combine the two for a holistic approach to health and beauty! 

I have had dreams of living in an eco-village and a shipping container house since I was about 23 years old, when Zeppelynn was born. Then I met Keeya and Justin a few years later! I truly believe that participation in a community gives a sense of purpose and belonging that is so absent in society. Myriad feels like a safe haven full of health, happiness and connection; A place where creativity, sharing and healing is welcomed and cherished without judgement. I look forward to spending summers there with my daughter Zeppelynn and learning to garden and build together. 

Long term I can envision opening retreat/rehabilitation accommodations at Myriad for those struggling with mental illness and addiction. Perhaps wellness /music and art festivals as well as mother/daughter retreats for cultivating connection and free-dance events.

Francesca with Zeppelynn

Service offerings include dreadlock installation, maintenance, and care. Call to book 204-481-1947


Richard DeMarin

Brenda Schritt