Myriad Market

Black Hive Honey

Know your personal connection to the earth & cosmos.

Hemp & Beeswax Soap  CA$6.00

Wildflower Honey CA$14.00 OR Honey & Soap Combo CA$20.00

Custom Guitar Straps CA$150.00

Boreal Salve CA$25.00

‘Odin’ Bracelet CA$95.00

Leather Body Harness CA$175.00

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Beyond Creative Design & Carpentry

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Handyman providing Custom Carpentry and Handcrafted Goods

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Projects in the past include: kitty castles, retail display shelving, outhouses, and renovations.

Crazee Creations

Allergen-friendly raw energy bites, plant-based catering, natural art

Pumpin Collection – with pumpkin seeds and local/organic flax seeds 


Hemp Collection

Eternal autumn dangles ~ made from willow, leaf, corn husk, other wild harvests, and additional crystal/wood beads, and more*

Nature in Balance - Canvas, Acrylic, Leaf $18
Vast Variety - wild harvest leaves $22
Musical shakers and ornamental gourds, natural and painted options

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Earth Alchemy Herbals

Local Wildcrafted Plant Medicine

GLOW Facial Elixir CA$20.00

Herbal Lip Balm CA$5.00

Natures First Aid Spray 100ml CA$30.00

Calendula blossom oil C$25.00

Metamorphosis C$40.00

Speak Your Truth CA$40.00

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