Myriad Market

Black Hive Honey

Know your personal connection to the earth & cosmos.

Hemp & Beeswax Soap  CA$6.00

Apatite Crystal Necklace CA$45.00

Tote Hand Bag CA$125.00

Earrings of Horse Hair CA$50.00

Wide Waist Belt CA$85.00

Leather Body Harness CA$125.00

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Color Flow Design

Color shaded clothing and Woolen accessories

Wool arm-warmers, colorful gloves $34.00

Knitted shirt, beach top CA$49.00

Kids sweater chunky pullover CA$65.0

Wool legwarmers pink raspberry CA$53.00

Kids vest, warm pullover $65.00

Old pink vest, sleeveless pullover CA$44.00

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Beyond Creative Design & Carpentry

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Handyman providing Custom Carpentry and Handcrafted Goods

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Crazee Creations

Allergen-friendly: all Gluten – free, Vegan                                                                                                              And also other artistic creations*

Pumpin Collection – with pumpkin seeds and local/organic flax seeds


Raw Energy Bites – Hemp Collection               $20 for 20 

Natural ~ eternal autumn dangles ~ made from willow, leaf, corn husk, and other wild harvests

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Earth Alchemy Herbals

Local Wildcrafted Plant Medicine

GLOW Facial Elixir CA$20.00

Herbal Lip Balm CA$5.00

Natures First Aid Spray 100ml CA$30.00

Calendula blossom oil C$25.00

Metamorphosis C$40.00

Speak Your Truth CA$40.00

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Shakti Shine

Create your own Ritual

Cotton Hip Pouches CA$31.00

Classic Diamond Shawl CAD $32.00

African Amazonite 6mm: CAD $21.99

Frosted Glass Roller Bottle 5ml CAD $2.00

100% Pure Cedar CAD $7.00

Resin Naga Kanya Statue CAD $24.00


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