Starting in 2018 building began with Earthship Biotecture specialists who worked with the drawn plans to organize a construction schedule. Huge efforts brought together volunteers for the summer of 2019; hosting them with accommodations, workshops, and healthy local meals. Over 400 tires make up the structural north-facing wall. 

Within the first 2 summers, we completed the tire pounding, thermal wrap, earth berm, water cistern installation, cement form, framing, roof construction, and the windows were installed just in time for winter! Check out a video recap*

And we did not miss out on fun during the build! There was the 7th Annual Advent Spiral gathering within the build over that  winter, and also celebratory fires with friends.


Throughout the winter of 2020, inside finishings include: Glass wall, fireplace, earthen walls, kitchen cupboards, raised garden beds, cedar cladding, plumbing, and also the solar electrics.

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