The Myriad Frolic is a family-friendly festival and celebration of life on earth! We strive to keep tickets affordable while supporting our performers and facilitators all the while. That means youth under 18 are free! Just click that button and see how fair our pricing is to attend a 3 day festival of music, movement and wellness (camping included)!

join us in weaving the tapestry of joy, rhythm, and movement at The Frolic!

Whether you’re a songbird, a dancer, a poet, or a wizard with instruments, we want YOU to be a part of this celebration of creativity and connection!

So, if you’re ready to share your talent and light up the stage with your brilliance, hit that button, and let’s make some unforgettable memories together!

Are you passionate about guiding others on a journey of self-discovery and movement? Do you thrive on creating spaces where people can let loose, connect, and embrace their true selves?  Then we want YOU to be a part of the magic at “The Frolic”! 

So, if you’re ready to lead, inspire, and sprinkle your magic dust on the hearts of our festival-goers, hit that button, and let’s make some unforgettable experiences together!  Join us at “The Frolic” and let’s co-create moments of joy that will last a lifetime!

Are you a master crafter with a passion for creation? From jewelry forged with love to textiles woven with care, your handmade crafts bring joy and beauty to the world! 

Join us at “The Frolic” and showcase your creations to a community of kindred spirits who appreciate the magic of handmade craftsmanship. Let’s come together to celebrate creativity, sustainability, and the beauty of artisanal wonders! 

Hit that button above and let’s make some enchanting memories at “The Frolic”!