2020 Garden Program

A member since 2019, Grace has jumped started many new projects.

In 2019 the community garden was seeded and nurtured by Nickeeya. This fed the build crew with fresh vegetables everyday and was an excellent success. We built-up more layers of ‘lasagne’ on a small section outside of this as preparation for the next year’s soil.

2020 will bring forth a complete doubling of the garden thanks to a grant from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. Grace applied for this through her non-profit Altered Minds. This will bring newcomers to Myriad to garden and experience nature along with us. She hopes to apply for more grants through the Interlake East Health Authority.

The picture above is about half of the group that came out for a visit to understand what sorts of gardening practices we use, while getting a feel for the land. From there the Altered Minds gardening program had some meeting over the winter and a group was developed.

In late fall soil was ordered and ‘lasagne’ was laid. This term is used because of the layers you can add. 3 or 4 layers often makes for a good casserole! If one had the resources and prepared this many layers or more at once, and left it to ‘cook’ over the winter and summer, the end result would be beautifully fertile soil.

Check out the follow-up post about the success of the garden program*

These are some photos of Grace in Winnipeg. Permaculture Gardening is fairly uncommon, specially in the city. She shares that is actually scared people a bit when it looked wild and rough with straw.

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