Vision / Mission

Supporting those who honour the Earth.

Myriad Village Marketing Co-op is a mutual support system for members to share resources necessary to nurture and create earth-conscious lifestyles, products, and services.


Becoming a member of Myriad Village means taking your love for the earth to the next level. Whether be it establishing a subsistence lifestyle, leasing farmland to explore regenerative practices, or immersing yourself in an earth-conscious community.

Diversity and inclusion

Myriad is just that, "Myriad". By supporting all forms of diversity we can holistically explore what a sustainable lifestyle looks like.

As a community, we represent an array of worldviews and belief systems, relating simply, on our willingness to honour the earth.

Rural Reset

Recreate with Nature.
Co-op land is located 1 hr. North of Winnipeg, 20 min. West of Gimli & within walking distance to Dennis Lake.
Visit when we host visitor days or attend other events.

2023 Earth Stewardship Program
2024 Myriad Frolic
Code of Conduct *co-created

The land has a growing forest which includes oak bluffs and poplar thickets. Mixed in the landscape are vast hazel standings, willow bogs, chains of wetlands, and a myriad of wild plant and animal life. When viewing the land, we spotted our neighbor the beaver with an impressive den (since moved away); Falcons screech their ancient song; Grouse can be a sudden surprise flying from the long grasses. Deer and coyote tracks can be discovered, while others welcome  symbolic sightings such as eagles and black bears. Within walking distance to Dennis Lake where bird life ranges from red-winged blackbirds to cranes. 

Products & Services


We provide hands-on experience in the form of workshops, paid labour work, courses, and consulting for sustainable living.

Myriad Producers

A diverse collection of unique and inspiring businesses owned and operated by "Myriad Village Marketing Co-op members.


Are you looking for an opportunity to spend time in nature or collect inspiration from an eco-village lifestyle?

Reach us anytime ~

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